Floor Loom is Here!

KessenichLoomI got my floor loom! It’s been installed in the living room for just over a week now. I bought it from another member of Ravelry, and it’s just beautiful. I have a warp ready to go onto it, and I’m dreaming of weaving my own fabric for SCA garb!

I admit, I was a bit intimidated when it actually arrived. It took me  a week to even open it up, while I worked on some inkle weaving instead. (Playing with pick up patterns from Anne Dixon’s new book.) I also purchased a copy of A Handweaver’s Pattern book by Marguerite Porter Davison, which is loaded with drafts for four shaft looms.

I’m still trying to decide whether to keep the table loom or sell it. The floor loom brings me up to four looms, and I really don’t have the space for that many, but I just know, if I sell the table loom I’m suddenly going to be overrun with ideas that simply have to have more than four shafts. (The table loom has eight.) Decisions, decisions!


More Adventures in Weaving!

I did–eventually–get the Ashford loom threaded. After it sat in a corner and we cast dirty looks at each other from time to time. Occasionally, I’d wave a threading hook at it and mutter imprecations. And then when I did get it threaded, I realized it was much too fine a thread for the sett I used. Disappointed that it still wasn’t right, yet very, very intrigued at the same time. One of the advantages of a table loom is that I can try out different “treadlings” without having to change any tie-ups, so I’ve been noodling around with different patterns, just seeing how they look.

I’ve also acquired a Cricket loom, and that’s been all kinds of fun! Quick and easy to warp, but full of possibilities. Using pick up sticks and string heddles adds exponentially to the possible patterns that can be done. I foresee many scarves and table items being added to the shop!

And then, since the house isn’t quite full, I’m adding a floor loom to the mix next month. The fiber madness, it is strong!