Pennsic Panic Sewing

We’re leaving for Pennsic on August 2nd–a whole week of classes, campfires, and the best medieval shopping on the planet. But those durn boys have had the nerve to grow, so of course they need new tunics and pants. And I’m never quite happy with my own garb so I want a new dress or two for myself, and to revamp some of my older stuff.

One of my favorite dresses is handsewn in blue wool, closed with lacing rings, but because wool stretches, it winds up loosening too much over the course of the day. So I got it out, planning to take out the rings and put in eyelets. But there was a funky ridge across one side of the bodice. With the front lacing edge open from removing the lacing rings, I slid my hand inside and tried to smooth it out. No luck. Opened up the top, tried it from there, no dice.

I now have one half of my bodice completely detached and completely disassembled. With no eyelets in the edges, the heavy linen interlining had shifted and wrinkled, and completely taking it apart was the only way to straighten it out. Just another one of those projects, that starts out small and turns major!


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